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Svaku lozu fali, a crljenak sadi.
Vrst je loze od starine:
crljenak je njojzi ime
čuva Bog jon vridno sime.

Ljubo Stipišić Delmata

Vučica Winery 

High on the southern, sun-bathed slopes of the Kozjak hill overlooking Kaštela lies one of the vineyards of Vučica Winery, characteristic for growing the autochthonous kaštelanski crljenak variety. Along with vineyards planted in Budožići, Grovište, Kolovrat and Podvornica, the one in nearby Dugobabe is important not only for its production merit, but for its traditional, sentimental value as well. Many decades ago, our grand-grandfathers began growing grapevines in those fields and producing wine for their own needs. Family tradition of grapevine growing and eco-friendly winemaking has developed into a serious business, yielding up to 5000 litres of high-quality red, white and rosé wine each year. Vučica Winery wine selection is complemented by home-made delicacies, cheese and prosciutto which, combined with golden drops of extra virgin olive oil, are proudly served to guests eager for new gastronomic experiences.


Our wines

Vučica Winery produces five types of wine


Wine tasting

Apart from high-quality red, white and rosé wines, other divine gastronomic flavours also abound at Vučica Winery, leaving no guest lost in mediocrity. Home-made sheep and goat cheese, smoked prosciutto, salted anchovies enhanced with the slightly bitter flavour of black olives are a particular delight for every guest; and paired with a delicious crust of home-made bread dipped in olive oil, those flavours embody the unique and unforgettable experience of the gastronomic offer of Kaštela. 


Vinarija Vučica

Put Kruševika 7
21214 Kaštel Kambelovac

Phone: +385(0) 97 753 7935 

e-mail: vinarijavucica@gmail.com

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